Model 5270 Data Acquisition And Control Software

The Model 5270 Data Acquisition And Control Software offers complete control over the temperature and pressure schedules of oilfield laboratory instruments from a personal computer. The software simplifies the sharing of test information, reports, and graphs between laboratories around the world. The Model 5270 is designed to work seamlessly with Chandler Engineering instruments and is versatile so that it can be configured with other instruments.


  • User-Friendly Point-And-Click Interface
  • Create And Store Custom Test Protocols
  • Flexible High-Quality Data Presentation and Data Management
  • Customizable Instrument Types (Gas Migration Tester, etc…)
  • Remote Monitoring of a Test in Progress Using a LAN
  • Built-In “E-mail”/ Interactive Capabilities



Greg Maus
Sr. Technical Sales
Direct: 1-918-459-7136
Mobile:  1-918-605-1357