Model 5550 Rotational Viscometer Software

The Model 5550 HPHT Viscometer is a concentric cylinder viscometer that uses the rotor and bob geometry accepted by the energy industry. Its design meets the requirements set forth in ISO and API standards for viscosity measurement of completion fluids at high pressure and high temperature.
Model 5550 offers computer-controlled unique technology and houses a sliding carbon dry-block heater and a high-precision digital torque sensor that is external to the sample cell.


  • External Digital Torque Measurement
  • Dry, Carbon Heating Block Simplified Head Design
  • Highly Effective Gel Climb Arrestor
  • Rheo 5000 Data Acquisition And Control Software
  • Automatic Calibration 
  • HASTELLOY® C-276 Wetted Components


Greg Maus
Sr. Technical Sales
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